Art by Lindy Watts                                               - Hot Springs Village, Arkansas; 501-590-5675; lrwatts@suddenlink.
"The grace to be a beginner is always the best prayer
 for an artist." (Julia Cameron)
I founded my business on a dream.  An artist has lived inside my soul for a long time; however, "life" got in the way of her birth. Many years flew by before that dream had an opportunity to be realized.  Today I am fortunate enough to be a retired school counselor. Yet my career has  provided me with a fresh perspective on life on a daily basis.  Looking at life through the eyes of the children I worked with provides a sense of color,light, vision and an enthusiasm that inspired me to have courage to be a "beginner".                               
Human emotion, experience and 
personality drive my interest and my creative spirit.  From revealing the precious innocence of youth to capturing the wisdom of experience, I want the viewer to feel the story painted on the canvas.  When possible I like to spend time with my subject(s) prior to beginning the painting so I may sense those intangibles in an individual's personality that cannot be seen in a photograph.  
Part 1 of a 20 portrait series commisioned by the U.S. Airforce, Little Rock, AR 
       Part one of a twenty-portrait series commissioned by the U.S. Airforce.

part 1 of a 20 portrait series commissioned by the U.S. Airforce Base, Little Rock, AR
For purchase of existing works or for personal commissions, 
call: 501-590-5675 or 

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